Our Benefits


Our Benefits

Our Benefits are listed below:


  1. Official Representation. The ITA is the official representative of the IT industry.

  2. Credibility. Membership carries an 'elitist' image created by the 'Code of Ethics', personifying a company's credibility as an ethical business.

  3. Directory Listing. If your records are up-to-date with the ITA, prospective clients who call into the ITA are referred to you.

  4. Influential Relationships. The most powerful value offering of the ITA is the opportunities within our membership database and influential relationships they reflect. It is up to the creativity and initiative of every member to initiate and develop these opportunities and build networking relationships, conduct cross marketing, and to organise an ITA relationship with fellow associations and government bodies to steer, influence or directly drive the market or initiatives to the member's benefit.

  5. Through membership and active participation, the collective voice of the IT industry shapes the future of the business.

  6. Direct input into the SA legislation mechanism by verbal and written submissions by the ITA, through the various interest groups.

  7. Access to global information through the ITA's membership of the World Information Technology Services Alliance (WITSA).

  8. Information sharing with all sectors of the IT industry through the ITA's affiliation with other bodies such as MICT SETA, IITPSA, BITF and BUSA

  9. The networking opportunities facilitated through membership to and representation on fellow associations are abundant and available to members for personal/corporate benefit.

  10. Marketing exposure through the ITA website.