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After merging with the ITA in the mid 2000's, the Information Technology Users Council (ITUC), functions as a sub-section of the ITA. The establishment of the ITUC was formed 50 years ago by a senior group of IT specialists whose aim was to ensure that skills and competencies developed matched and were acceptable to business standards. The ITUC is an external examinations body for COBOL and currently administers the COBOL examination for FNB and as per request. Over the years, over 100 000 candidates have written the ITUC examination.




The Associations prime objective is the promotion of consistent standards of professionalism and service in the IT industry.

The ITARCS has been set up specifically to address recruitment and contracting issues on behalf of the ITA within the IT industry wrt the Labour Relations


Act and other employment legislation.


When entrusting your future career to an ITA approved recruitment consultancy, you will not only be assured of highly professional and ethical service, but you will also enjoy a significant advantage in a highly competitive employment market.


The objectives of ITARCS are:


a. Promotion of consistent standards of professionalism and service in the IT recruitment industry.

b. To address recruitment and contracting issues wrt the new Labour Relations Act and employment legislation.

The benefits of using an ITARCS member for your recruiting needs are:

a. ITARCS members subscribe to and are bound by a Code of Conduct, designed to protect candidates and clients, as well as

ensuring high levels of professionalism.

b. Many prestigious organisations use ITARCS members exclusively for the recruitment of staff.

c. Your application will be dealt with courteously, professionally, and in the strictest confidence.

d. Should you be invited for an interview, you will receive an objective assessment of your suitability for the positions available, as

well as professional vocational guidance.

e. You will receive regular feedback on the status of your application and you may withdraw your application at any stage.

f. You will be referred to a prospective employer with your prior knowledge and consent, and after being briefed on the company

and position for which you are being considered.

g. ITA contracts will be used in all negotiations. ITA contracts have been drawn up by legal advisors and are regularly updated.

h. ITARCS members will not headhunt your staff.

i. ITARCS consultants are well trained ensuring you of first class service.


The ITARCS contracts are as follows:


1. Contractor Contracts

2. Client Contracts

3. Consultancy Contracts


The above contracts are recognised by SARS




ITA Producer Environmental Group has formalised its operating structure under the auspices of the ITA. The group’s objective is to explore, review and implement costs and operationally effective compliance mechanisms for the management of WEEE (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment), as set forth in the Waste Act 2009 i.e. review of current eWASA Industry Waste Management Plan and any otherplans, or to be developed plans etc.


The Waste Act required industry/ producers (manufacturers/ importers/ distributors of WEEE product) to voluntary submit industry waste management plans to the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA).


To date there has been no further activity after Environmental Producer Regulation was enacted and implemented in South Africa late 2021, the legislation implementation date was 05/11/2021, the requirement to register with MoE and to become a member of a compliance scheme if operations were in scope.


There are currently no new environmental legislative developments in South Africa.